Getting your hotel refurbishment right first time

How to Get Your Hotel Refurbishment Projects Right First Time

Keeping your hotel up to date is an essential part of running your business. Don’t wait around for customers to notice peeling wallpaper, rusty taps and tired-looking hotel interiors – a hotel refurbishment is vital for keeping your hotel modern, your guests happy and your profit flowing. Potential hotel guests will look to websites such as Trip Advisor for reviews and pictures of establishments they are planning to visit. Many are often put off by unflattering pictures of outdated décor or fixtures and will disregard the hotel although these low standards are not reflected throughout the entire business.

Avoid common issues and find out how to get your hotel fit out and refurbishment right the first time with our handy guide of dos and don’ts for your hotel design.

Choosing a Hotel Refurbishment Contractor

Choosing the right hotel refurbishment company is imperative to your hotel refurbishment. You want a dependable company with experience in a large range of hotel and leisure refurbishments, in addition to a proven strong working partnership with clients, trades and suppliers.

Another key factor to look for when choosing a hotel refurbishment contractor is their extensive design experience. From budget hotels to luxury establishments, modern or traditional, it’s important to know your hotel designer can achieve the precise look you want for your hotel refurbishment. As well as guaranteed high quality in a timely fashion, having a proven track record of clients returning for additional help is a good way to ensure you’re choosing the right hotel design business.

And at Chrysalis, we’re confident we meet the high standards and can deliver the ideal hospitality refurbishment solution.

Hotel Design & Time Management

Timing is a crucial element in getting your hotel refurbishment the right first time.

The ideal time to have a hotel refurbishment is when occupancy is at the lowest. Often, we’ve found that this is during the first quarter of the year after the Christmas period.

Our experience has shown us that a decision to undergo hotel refurbishment and make initial contact with the refurbishment contractor, needs to be made ideally in late summer, by August. This allows ample time for hospitality interior designers to start creating and planning your refurbishment in October. In turn, ensuring the installation can commence in the new year and runs as smoothly as possible.

Working outside of this timeframe could result in a hotel owner not receiving the full refurbishment they have envisioned. Ensuring that you replace outdated features and modernise furnishings will help keep your hotel up to date and keep guests satisfied.

A general rule of thumb is to refresh all guest rooms between every seven to twelve years, which would include replacing the furniture and room equipment; general redecoration, installing new bathrooms, keeping up to date with modern technology including Wi-Fi, TVs and electrics, and even creating new rooms from unused space.

Subtle Hotel Refurbishment

We understand that hotels don’t want to cause a large amount of disruption to their guests stays, however, there is no way to complete a hotel refurbishment without a small amount of disturbance. Hotel construction can be a deciding factor for guests when choosing whether or not to return after their stay. This is why it’s best to complete work during the lowest occupancy times of the year, the first quarter.

It is important to let guests know that you will be undergoing maintenance so they are aware of any disruption.

By choosing hotel refurbishment contractors such as Chrysalis, who are knowledgeable in ways to minimise disruption, it will enable you to have peace of mind whilst the refurbishment is taking place. Factors such as the order of which floor/s are being refurbished first or taking into consideration if contractors like to listen to the radio while they work, that this will not disrupt visitors to your hotel. This attention to detail enables Chrysalis to ensure an undisruptive work period.

Hotel Fit Out Profit

Ensuring you make a profit from your hotel refurbishment may seem obvious, but it’s necessary to justify your hotel fit out costs against your potential earnings.

You need to make sure you have a realistic return on investment within a suitable time frame. It’s not realistic to commission a refurbishment that will take ten years to repay itself as by then it will be time for another refurbishment.

By having clear goals and a balance sheet it will ensure your hotel refurbishment project provides you with the means to increase room prices and other services in line with the changes made to your hotel interiors.

For advice on adhering to your budget and ensuring your business increases in profit, talk to a member of our helpful customer services team on 01543 364 080 for expert financial advice on hotel refurbishments.

For more information on our hotel and leisure refurbishments, take a look at the hotel fit out services and our case studies to see how we can provide the perfect hotel design for you.

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