Refurbishment Finance Options

There are three different ways you can purchase from Chrysalis Contracts.

Standard Hotel Development Financing Transaction

30 Day invoice issued on date of install (deposit may be required, subject to status). Title of goods is transferred to the customer only after full balance of the invoice has been settled.

Lease Rental

As part of our hospitality financing options, you can choose lease rental. You would be effectively ‘renting’ the goods until the agreement has been completed upon, at which point you would be given the option to purchase title to the goods for a nominal fee.

With this hotel project financing option, as you don’t technically own the ‘goods’, you would have the added benefit of being able to ‘upgrade’ your installation and/or furnishings towards the end of the contract, or even when the term has ended. For example, if after a few years post installation you decide that you would like to update the decor or furnishings to keep up with current trends, you would have the option of re-contracting Chrysalis for this, whilst keeping the same monthly hospitality financing payments and just extending the agreement to cover the additional outlay.

Lease rental agreements can also be used to:

Pay for any installation, service and maintenance components

Stepped Lease - to accommodate budget allocation

Seasonal Payments - to map income peaks troughs

Hire Purchase

For this hospitality financing option, you would be required to pay the total VAT for the project up front, along with your first install payment as per your agreement.

From this point, you will hold the title of goods, unless in case of payment default in which title would transfer to the finance partners.


Lease Finance Example

Our client commissions Chrysalis to design and refurbish a newly acquired, tired looking 50-bedroom 3 star hotel, which they now wish to elevate to 4 star accommodation.

Our scope of work comprises of a complete redesign of all bedrooms and en-suites, all circulation areas, and all ground floor public areas. The hotel runs at an average occupancy level of 78%.

    • Cash Price of the project


    • Term in Months


    • Payment Intervals

      Monthly (1+59)

    • Equivalent Monthly Payment


    • Equivalent Weekly Payment


    • Equivalent Daily Payment


    • Client’s Average Room Rate  BEFORE Refurbishment


    • Client’s Average Room Rate AFTER Refurbishment


    • 5 Year Average Bedroom Turnover   BEFORE Refurbishment


    • 5 Year Average Bedroom Turnover AFTER Refurbishment


    • Increase in bedroom revenues over the full term of the 5 year lease and excluding all associated tax advantages.


    • *All hotel finance plans are subject to status. Figures based on the average 78% occupancy level excluding any increased incoming associated food and beverage revenues.

All of our hospitality finance plans are subject to status. All lease rental payments are 100% tax allowable against profits, which means that your profits work harder for you.


Key Benefits of Hospitality Project Finance

Controlling Cash Flow

Spreading the cost creates instant cash flow benefits. Retain capital in your account for when you need it most for core business activities.

Measurable Return on Investment

As the equipment is paid for at regular intervals, you can easily demonstrate return on investment from Day 1 to your stakeholders and directors.

All Costs Covered

You can now include, installation and planned maintenance in addition to the capital cost of the units.

Easy Furniture Upgrades

You can build in future equipment upgrades and improvements without increasing your payments. As the efficiency of new equipment increases, simply upgrade to the latest technology at the end of the initial rental period.

Simple Documentation & Quick Decision

The paperwork has been designed to be as effortless as possible for you with rapid credit decisions from our Finance Partner.

Stay Ahead with the Latest Equipment

Get all the benefits of the latest specification equipment NOW, when you can use it most, without having to outlay a large cash expense.

100% Tax Efficient

Your lease rental payments are 100% tax allowable against profits, which means you can make your profits work harder for you.

Fixed Payments

Your Lease Rental agreement is on a fixed interest basis. The amount you pay will remain the same, even if bank base rates increase!

Alternative Funding Source

When you use leasing to purchase equipment, you protect other lines of credit such as loans or overdraft facilities, and conserve available credit.

Seasonal Payments

Your Lease Rental agreement can be tailored to your specific needs. If your business is seasonal in nature, where you have particularly quiet times of year, you could structure an agreement that allows you to take seasonal repayment holidays that match your income profile.

Deferred Payments

No need to wait for ‘next year’s budget’ to benefit from the equipment or furnishings you need now. Get what you need now, and defer payments for up to 6 months until the new budgets are allocated. Particularly useful in public, education and healthcare sector procurement.

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