Hotel Stay Scenarios Based on Emotional Design

Hotel Stay Scenarios Based on Emotional Design

Staying in a hotel, even as a business visitor is more than just having a warm place to rest your head. A hotel stay is an experience, an adventure, and can draw a range of emotions from its guests. Those who design and manage hotel services now must make guests feel that they’ve enjoyed themselves, but on a much deeper, emotional level.

Four of the most important factors for pleasant hotel experiences stated by hotel business guests are care, convenience, comfort and exploration.


It’s proven hotel guests have a more satisfying hotel experience when they feel like hotel staff have made an effort to cater for their needs. Things such as complementary toiletry sets, well-prepared tea-making facilities, readily available iron and ironing board, and those small details; hooks in the bathroom, accessory tray by the bedside, and towels in two colours for twin rooms, all reflect the hotel’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness about what their guest wants. Also, friendly added extras such as greeting messages, reminders and souvenirs work well to create pleasant emotions in your guests and make them feel truly cared for.


Business trips are often pretty hectic, so a hotel room should act as a temporary office as well as a place to rest. It’s been found that if a hotel offers convenient services to help the guest work – a desk area in the guestroom, free and easy Internet access, well placed electricity sockets, to a bright light for working – the guests have more enjoyable hotel experiences.


To feel comfortable in a hotel, your guest must be relaxed, and able to feel at home in their new environment. That’s why it’s important to include interior features such as comforting hotel furniture that really allow your visitors to unwind. A great example of this is a selected area in the room for relaxation, other than the bed, such as a snug armchair or sofa. Also, complementary products make all the difference to the guest: slippers, robes, towels, or tasters of their favourite food have all been found to create a deep feeling of delight and happiness in hotel visitors.


It’s been found that some business guests see their hotel experience as more than just a stay, they see it as a place to experience something new, or learn about different cultures and novel places. Hence, many pleasant emotions such as surprise and delight are created through unusual interior hotel design elements with subtle cultural motif, artistic decorations, and local food and snacks prepared by the hotel.

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