Designing a Hotel for a Good Night's Sleep

Designing a Hotel for a Good Night’s Sleep

Whether your guests are planning a brief business trip or a family holiday away, a good night’s sleep is paramount to your hotel room design.

Comfort is always at the top of our list during the early stages of refurbishment, and whatever the clients’ needs are, we are here to ensure that each room encourages relaxation and a sense of ease. Our team of design experts are well-versed in creating a space that will not only relax a customer upon entering but also change their mood dramatically.

We consider all aspects of the senses in the decoration of the space. This may include whether or not the colour of the room enhances the light entering it, and whether the furnishings are soft and inviting. It is vital to ensure that distracting noises are eliminated and busy textile patterns are kept to a minimum. There should be no clutter to detract from the perfect night’s sleep.

Choice of soft furnishings can be important when considering the tranquillity of a room. A large armchair to curl up in is the epitome of luxurious contentment. Make your bathroom design reflects that of a spa – uncomplicated yet an unequivocal safe-haven, with soft lighting to truly encourage harmony and deep relaxation.

Simplicity is essential when creating the perfect relaxation space. Of course, that is not to say that accessories cannot become a part of the décor. A little greenery can add to the tranquillity of the space, whilst artwork or photographs of idyllic landscapes will enhance the calming atmosphere. When all these elements are brought together, a stay in one of our pioneering room designs will undeniably soothe your guests’ stresses.

Ultimately, after a lengthy business conference, a weekend away or a day out with the children, there is nothing better for your customer than sinking into that indulgent king size bed. With the right design, your guests will be itching to return to the ambient setting that you have carefully crafted, for that perfect night’s sleep.

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