Dramatic Hotel Design

Creating a Scene – Dramatic Hotel Design Features

There’s a number of ways you can ‘create a scene’ through your hotel design. Whether you want to create something extravagant, unique or overly luxurious, using dramatic hotel features will guarantee you get the look you’re after.

Over the top theatrical architecture is a great way to get a dramatic look from your hotel interior. But, if you want to do something a little smaller scale, there’s plenty of simple hotel interior design touches that work to bring a bit of excitement to your hotel environment.

Why not make every room unique with their own eccentric touches and embellishments? By using an unusual blend of different styles you’re bound to create something that makes an impact. When it comes to colours nothing is out of bounds – bold dramatic shades that can work to set the mood of the whole room. Deep reds create a more intimate atmosphere, while black and white hotel furniture gives off a classic monochrome look.

Luxurious materials and quality accessories will stand out and add a little more drama to your hotel room interior, especially in the hotel bedroom. A mix of fabrics and materials looks dramatic yet stylish – think different patterns, fabric styles and bold contrasting textures.

Using art pieces in hotel interior always works to add a little something to the overall hotel design. Traditional art can enrich your hotel interior décor and restaurant space, while a mix of original features, curated digital art installations, eclectic artefacts and quirky design pieces can create something that really stands out.

Which dramatic features enrich your hotel?

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